FoxBot Chronicles: Chapter 1


Welcome, children of earth, to the story of your future.

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Brows dripping and lungs heavy, she crossed the threshold of the three Guardians. Fear caught like a rock in her throat slowly melted away with the fading sounds of metal and adrenaline and greed. Her ears filled with the whispers of trees, the rush of running water over rock, and the crunch of fallen leaves and broken branches beneath her feet. Thin and wavering trunks, mottled green and grey, gave way to robust evergreen giants of deep reds and luscious browns. Scattered silver beeches shone as if illuminated from within, catching and reflecting light rays filtering through the treetops. Long tendrils of pale green moss growing downwards from branches hinted at the age and wisdom of the trees.



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jen foxbot

Dabbled in dark matter, settled into engineering with a blend of inventing and education. Founder/CEO of an educational tech company: