Millenials: Our time is now.

jen foxbot
3 min readSep 7, 2020

This writing is inspired by The Fourth Turning, by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

The destiny of our country rests in our hands.

And we have a choice: do we allow a fascist regime to stamp out democracy and enable a slide into authoritarianism, the likes of Russia or China, or do we act to save and fix our democracy so that we may build a better system, one that works for all of us?

Do we choose to ignore and neglect our vulnerable brethren and continue to allow them to be harassed, assaulted, and murdered in their homes and in our streets, or do we choose to fight for them, to protect them?

We have a choice. But that choice is made now. We cannot wait on the sidelines for others to take action, for they will choose our fate for us.

I believe wholeheartedly in the goodness and compassion and vision of my generation. I know you, and I see you.

I know we want something better, a society and leaders that are fair and just and kind. I know we want to support each other, to care for each other and for the earth. I know we want to fix things. And I know that we are frustrated and overwhelmed and angry and tired.

We are tired of a system that squeezes us dry. A system that isolates and divides, that glitters on the surface but is hollow on the inside. A system that glorifies greed and selfishness and mocks forgiveness and empathy. A system that promises opportunity and delivers shattered dreams.

But we, and we alone, can fix it. We can fix it because we understand what is wrong. We can fix it because we care about those who are left out, those who are hurt by it, those who are its casualties within our borders and beyond.

We can fix it if we choose to fix it. We can fix it if we choose to work together.

This work is not light or easy — it requires sustained action from each of us. It requires sacrifice and compromise and careful, long-term planning. It will not be done overnight, nor will it be done after a single election.

But we can do it, we can build a better system. We are each capable of greatness, and together we are more powerful than the older generations could ever comprehend. They are afraid of us coming into power because they know that we will change things

Our work begins with showing up for Biden so that we can salvage our democracy. From there, we have much to accomplish, but together we can bring our hopeful and idealistic vision of America to fruition. Now is our time to take the reigns, to make our voices heard, to stand up tall and with courage and compassion.

The destiny of our country rests in our hands. Now is our time to do what is right so that we may bring about the change we have been longing and waiting to see. Now is our time to be that change. I believe in you, and I believe in us.



jen foxbot

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